To Rice Or Not To Rice: What To Do With A Wet Phone

There are many different ways that your phone can be damaged. As you are probably well aware, phones can be broken, shattered, damaged due to water, or have technical issues. Some issues will need professional attention to correct, while you may be able to repair other issues on your own. Water issues are some of the most serious problems that can happen to your phone. This is especially true because they are time-sensitive issues. The longer your phone has wet parts, the more damage will be done. Here are a few immediate steps you should take when your phone takes a plunge.

Turn off the Phone

This is a crucial first step. The longer your phone is on with water, the more likely the intricate electrical circuits will be damaged. Turn off your phone as soon as you fish it out from the water. 

Pull Out Water

Some people swear that putting your phone in rice immediately after water damage occurs is the only thing that can save it. Others claim that this will cause corrosion. You can do what you will. If you feel you do not want to take that chance, there are other options for pulling water out of electronics. Shaking them vigorously is one way to get liquids out of crevices and slots. Another option is to put your phone in a plastic bag and then vacuum out the air. Sealing that bag will allow you to suck out any water that is lurking in your phone without allowing it to corrode your phone.

Give It Time

Allow your phone to continue drying for several hours before you attempt to turn it back on. This will probably be one of the most challenging parts of repairing your phone since some people cannot wait to see if their phone is functioning.

Backup Data

As soon as your phone is on and working, you should back up as much data as you can. It may not seem like there has been any damage, but once your phone has received water damage you may not be able to rely on the hardware. It may develop some bugs due to the damage, so you should protect your data as soon as you can.

See A Professional

After your phone has been damaged, you can take it to a company in your area that offers services like iPhone repair services. They may be able to tell how much damage your phone acquired and give you options on how to fix it.