Adding Computer Features To Security Equipment

When a monitoring and alarm systems company offers to install their systems in your home, you have a few options when it comes to cameras, sensors and other recording devices. Some people leave the installation to the technicians and avoid any customization, but there are a few things you could do to provide extra safety, accountability and even some entertainment. Take a look at a few security options and different techniques that you could discuss with a residential security company.

Record Your Own Security Videos

If the security company is adding video cameras, you can do more than just check out the monitor. Those video cable connections can be connected to more than just the recording device; with a bit of adaptation, they can connect to computers as well.

It's important not to tamper with security system equipment, but you can get assistance from the technicians in order to set everything up. All you need is a computer with a video input port and a way to convert security camera cables to something that your computer can understand.

Ask the security company if your specific monitor already has one of the few computer video connection standards. If a VGA, HDMI or DVI connection is available, you're already using something that modern computers can understand and may simply need a graphics card (also known as a video card) to provide the physical connection.

If these connection types aren't in use, you'll need an adapter. The most basic adapter simply changes one shape to another shape to facilitate connection, but some video signals may need a more expensive converter box to change the signal into something that your computer understands. The security installation technical team can research what you need for your computer connect.

Once connected, you can view the security cameras with any video software on your computer. There are many options for viewing cameras, as many media players will recognize the security camera in the same way as a webcam. There are also programs designed for video cameras attached to computers, which can deliver different features for reviewing and saving information. 

Bringing Video Security To The Web

Some people may find comfort in having eyes on their well-being and general area, but not in the private parts of their lives. You can set the cameras recording the outside of your home to broadcast over the Internet using any number of online video streaming websites

This feature is about more than just sharing your area with the Internet. With online streaming, you have an additional backup of your camera's events in case you run out of recording space, or in the unfortunate event that evidence is destroyed. Although there's a chance that people on the Internet could witness important events, you'll have to reach out to others in order to maintain a certain number of viewers.

For the starting security camera owner, it's mostly just an option for delivering a video of your area to the Internet. If you have a beautiful lake in the area, serene skies or something that would be entertaining, you may be able to use your cameras to perform a service while providing security as well.

Be sure to discuss these plans with a security professional to make sure that you're still safe with all of these new features and opportunities. Click here for more about this topic.